Welcome to my Website

Hi all!

I’m a professional bass player from Northern Ireland, with a resumé of work all over the UK, Ireland and Europe.

I have extensive experience of playing bass at concerts, gigs, tours, recording sessions and theatrical work. I also offer tuition on a one-to-one basis.

I am available for all of the above – please see my ‘Services’ page for more info. Happy to have a chat about your project or idea and always keen for a new challenge!

Talk soon,

Session Bass Player Northern Ireland
Studio Bass Player Northern Ireland
Studio Bassist Northern Ireland
Session Bassist Northern Ireland
Session Bassist Belfast
Studio Bassist Belfast
Session Bass Player Belfast
Studio Bass Player Belfast
Session Bassist Dublin
Studio Bassist Dublin
Session Bass Player Dublin
Studio Bass Player Dublin
Session Bassist London
Studio Bassist London
Session Bass Player London
Studio Bass Player London
Professional Bassist
Professional Bass Player
Session Bass Player England
Studio Bass Player England
Studio Bassist England
Session Bassist England
Session Bass Player Scotland
Studio Bass Player Scotland
Studio Bassist Scotland
Session Bassist Scotland
Session Bass Player Wales
Studio Bass Player Wales
Studio Bassist Wales
Session Bassist Wales
Session Bass Player UK
Studio Bass Player UK
Studio Bassist UK
Session Bassist UK
Session Bass Player Ireland
Studio Bass Player Ireland
Studio Bassist Ireland
Session Bassist Ireland