About Me

I have a professional, mature insight into the live music world, having played hundreds of live shows.

I favour a tight, solid groove as opposed to technical wizardry.

I mainly play fingerstyle, although I am also proficient with plectrum playing and slap bass if needed.

I have experience of playing and teaching in many styles, including pop, rock, soul, funk, blues, folk, country and trad.

I am available for deputising at short notice in any of the above styles comfortably.

I have studied the Theory of Music and am proficient at sight-reading, composition and improvisation.

I am a proficient backing vocalist in the Baritone and Tenor ranges.

I am reliable and patient when recording and teaching.


James Jamerson
Pino Palladino
Bernard Edwards
Paul McCartney
Danny Thompson
Carol Kaye
John Entwistle
Duck Dunn
Tal Wilkenfeld
Jaco Pastorius
John Taylor
Nathan East
John Deacon
Rocco Prestia
John Paul Jones
John Giblin
Leland Sklar

Artists I Have Worked With

Tenacious D (rock)
Horslips (rock/folk)
The Whistlin’ Donkeys (trad/rock/folk)
Cool Hand String Band (bluegrass)
Lisa McHugh (country)
The Professionals (pop)
Sunshine (pop/rock)
The Soul Train (soul/RnB)
Footloose (musical)
Rent (musical)
Platinum (pop)
Illegal Smile (acoustic folk/country)
Jason McGilligan and the Big Beat (country)
The Rockits (pop)
Horslypse (rock/folk)
Jump The Q (soul)
The Liberals (pop)
Freefall (pop)
The All Stars (pop)
Freerider (rock)
Upstairs Downstairs (blues)
Robin Hood (musical)
The Hoochie Coochie Band (blues)
The Ripple Effect (rock)
Sinead Taggart (country)
Stephen McCorry (acoustic folk)
The Housem8s (pop)
Audio Lounge (rock)
Heavy Heart (blues)
The Cartel (pop)
Backbeat (pop)
The Criminals (rock)